The Renewable Energy sector is a rapidly growing industry, focused on harnessing sustainable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power to meet global energy demands. As this sector expands, there is an increasing need for reliable and adaptable infrastructure solutions. Makloc’s modular and rigid frame structures offer an ideal solution, providing customizable buildings to accommodate various renewable energy applications, such as control rooms, equipment shelters, and maintenance facilities. Our expertise in design, manufacturing, transportation, and installation ensures seamless project execution, while our commitment to quality and durability guarantees long-lasting, sustainable structures that align with the values of the Renewable Energy sector.

Building for
a Renewable Future

  • Customizable structures: Makloc provides adaptable modular and rigid frame buildings tailored to suit various renewable energy applications, such as control rooms and equipment shelters.
  • Rapid deployment: Our efficient manufacturing, transportation, and installation processes ensure quick delivery and assembly, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall project efficiency.
  • Durability and resilience: Makloc’s high-quality structures are built to withstand the challenges of renewable energy environments, offering long-lasting and reliable infrastructure solutions.
  • In-house engineering expertise: Our dedicated engineering team works closely with clients to fine-tune designs, optimizing functionality and alignment with project requirements, ensuring the success of renewable energy ventures.

Recent Projects

Maintenance Shelters for EPSB

ATCO – Metal Structures

Western Canadian Pipeline Expansion


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