Modular & Skid Solutions

Steel skids are part of our modular Self Frame and Rigid Frame building packages. These fully assembled structures can be transported to site and off loaded by truck or placed onto piles using cranes. Our modern welding facilities are capable of manufacturing any size skids with speed and precision. Custom designed skids can be tailored to meet client specification and engineered to support heavy equipment. Makloc skids are used in all types of applications and industries.

Completely configurable skid design for any equipment layout needed, including wall and floor openings paired with limitless colour options or specialty coatings.

Build and Transport

Transporting assembled modular buildings to site is an effective way to reduce time on-site and the cost of building in remote locations.

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    • Batt or polyurethane spray-on insulation
    • Limitless colour options or specialty coatings
    • Non-slip metal floor plate options
    • Custom sizes and capacity
    • Configurable skid design

  • Standard Components

    • Floor Plates, Floor Insulation, Protective Backsheeting, Cross Members, Main Runner, Removable Lift Lugs. Gland Plates, Floor Openings, Pipe Supports

Recent Projects

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